“ Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. “
— President Barack Obama

Political Action

Political action can include many types of resistance:

  • calling or texting
  • mailing letters, post cards or emailing  
  • showing up for something, whether it's a demonstration, a local political meeting or to vote!  
  • donating money or time

There is a lot you can do right now. We will provide you with additional specific timely actions in our newsletter. But the actions below can get you started on your craftivist path. 


Know your Representatives

Each state has two senators in the Senate and each congressional district has a representative in the house. You also have state and local representatives. They work for you too. Many people don't know who their representatives are. So let's find out. The link below gives you detailed information including your senator's committees. There's a tab on the upper right to find your local reps as well. Once you click on the link below, put their names and numbers in your phone. You can call them and let them know your opinions. You are their constituent and they want to vote for the things you believe in because they want you to vote for them in the future. If you don't ask, it won't happen. Don't stress about making the calls. Often you will just get a voice mail or a young staffer. We will provide you with timely scripts in our newsletter. 


Daily Action via texts

This group is making activism as simple as a daily text. Once you sign up they will text you a message about a urgent political action. You listen to the short message and if you choose to tap on it they will rout you to your representatives so you can leave them a message. 


What else can I do?: Postcards and Faxes

Other effective tools for contacting our representatives include faxes and postcards. Resistance toolbox has some terrific postcard options for purchase. And they have wonderful resources for creating your own postcards to send to your representatives as well. Resistbot turns your texts into faxes and sends them directly to your Senators and Representatives. 


How else can I resist? Check out the links in the paragraph below for more options. 

We try to keep Craftivist updated and provide you with resources to help you resist. Flippable is focusing on state elections. Swing Left will find your closest swing district and give you a tool kit to make it happen. Five Calls will let you choose your most important issues, find your reps and give you scripts and phone numbers so you can spend five minutes a day resisting in a focused fashion. 



Indivisible is a grassroots organization that has chapters all over our country. Local groups will help you organize and promote change in your neighborhood. Check out the national link here and search Facebook for local groups in your area as well. 


There are a number of special elections being held throughout our country with various deadlines. My Time to Vote tracks the dates of deadlines and elections in your state so you won't miss anything.